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Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems

4 Benefits Of Routine Maintenance Of Your Fire Protection Systems

Just like the machinery and equipment you use every day at work, fire protection systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are functioning properly.

The difference between a properly maintained fire protection system and one that’s been ignored for too long could be the difference between safety and disaster in an emergency.

Of course, there is a lot to consider when it comes to fire safety. To save time and money while ensuring workplace safety, most Aussie businesses enlist the services of trained fire protection specialists like East Coast Fire & Safety.

Not only does this guarantee fire safety systems are up to muster, it also means you get the benefits of working with experienced, fully licenced professionals.

Better fire protection

In an emergency, above almost everything else the fire protection system has to work. Poorly maintained systems create a serious hazard, often hidden in roof spaces or behind a locked FIP door.

At best a faulty system will be a cause of frustration thanks to false alarms or beeping smoke detectors. In more serious cases, system failure – such as sprinklers not turning on or alarm systems failing to alert staff – can allow a minor mishap to escalate into a major disaster with devastating consequences.

Stay compliant

Building codes exist to keep occupants safe, which includes criteria for fire protection equipment. Regular maintenance by licenced professionals will upkeep your system to Australian Standards, meaning your business avoids paying – and remedying – costly breaches.

Compliance with building codes means a safe work environment, less unnecessary downtime and less hassle from building inspectors.

More efficient inspections

On the topic of inspections, enlisting one company to handle all your fire protection needs will result in more efficient inspections. That means less disruption to the workplace and reduced ongoing costs from callout fees.

East Coast Fire & Safety can inspect your entire fire protection system at the same time, from the sprinkler system in the roof to fire extinguishers and even your emergency evacuation plan. Because our in-house expertise covers the whole gamut of fire safety, there is no need for us, or you, to deal with outside contractors.

Peace of mind

Last but certainly not least, routine maintenance provides confidence that your fire protection system will work when you need it to. Hopefully you’re not using extinguishers and sprinklers every day, so it’s easy to assume they will “just work” in case of emergency.

Frequent testing and physical maintenance will guarantee proper operation of your entire system, so you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if the office is on fire.

Routine maintenance from East Coast Fire & Safety

East Coast Fire & Safety are committed to keeping our clients safe with total fire protection plans and regular system maintenance.

We tailor fire safety systems and maintenance plans to suit every business and budget, and match any genuine maintenance quote from a competitor, so you’re not burning dollars to get the best service in the business.

And how’s this for a hot offer: you can get 6 months’ worth of testing completely free on a 3-year maintenance contract. Over the long lifetime of your fire protection system that could add up to years of free testing, saving serious dollars.

For peace of mind and complete fire safety without the hassle, contact us today to arrange a consultation.