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6 Ways Retail Stores Can Help Manage Fire Safety in Australia

How Retail Stores Can Help Manage Fire Safety in Australia

In the busy retail sector, it could be easy to overlook the importance of fire safety – especially with so many other pressing things to deal with day to day.

However, as any good manager or business owner knows, failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and in the event of an emergency, being unprepared can have costly and sometimes fatal consequences.

Fire safety in Australia is an integral part of running your business effectively, ensuring your staff, customers and physical shopfront are ready to deal with fire and emergency situations if and when they arise

To effectively equip your business to respond to such situations, the put together six simple steps for you to read through and implement.

1. Regularly Check Relevant Regulations & Legislation

While keeping up with the latest products and trends is all part of owning a business, it’s also important to keep up with any legislation regarding fire safety in Australia.

Regulations and legislation may change from time to time to better protect you, your customers and the wider community and it is up to you to keep up to date and ensure compliance with any changes.

Working with a fire and safety specialist on a regular basis can help you to stay on top of any changes and keep your business both compliant and safe.

2. Undertake a Fire Safety Audit

Each retail business comes with its own fire safety risks.

Whether you own a store in large shopping complex, a standalone shopfront or a warehouse-style retail business, you need to be aware of what kind of fire and safety hazards your retail business is at risk of and what you can do to mitigate the risk.

Did you know that under New South Wales law, building owners are required to provide the local council with an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)? An AFSS is a comprehensive statement covering all the fire safety measures your business has implemented.

3. Install Fire Protection Equipment That Suits Your Business Environment

Fire protection equipment goes beyond just fire extinguishers and blankets – each business requires a unique set of procedures and equipment to tackle the types of emergencies that may be encountered.

For example, certain retail stores may sell electronics, TV’s and other appliances that require electricity, so if there was a fire, the would need to use an extinguisher suitable for a Class E fire, e.g. CO2, which is suitable for use on only electrically energised fires.

Effective fire safety in Australia with East Coast Fire & Safety involves a tailored approach that considers your budget, building and specific safety needs to ensure you are well equipped for any emergency.

4. Keep on Top of Servicing & Maintenance Schedules for Your Fire Protection Equipment

It’s all well and good to have fire protection equipment on the premises, but just like your car, your fire extinguishers, blankets, emergency lighting systems and sprinkler systems do require regular servicing and maintenance.

Regular maintenance ensures your equipment will operate as designed in the event of an emergency, which is the reassurance you need

Organising for accredited, experienced and qualified technicians to maintain, test and repair your fire protection equipment is the best way to protect your business.

5. Train Up Your Staff

Your staff aren’t just full of knowledge about your business and your products, they’re also invaluable members of your emergency response efforts.

If your staff don’t know what your evacuation plan is, or how to use a fire extinguisher, all the best laid plans and procedures you had in place to protect your business are no longer useful.

6. Signage is Invaluable

Last but certainly not least, signage plays a key role in maintaining a fire safe business. In the event of an emergency, having fire equipment and emergency exits that are well lit is imperative to the safety of you, your staff and your customers.

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