East Coast Fire & Safety


Your AFSS (short for Annual Fire Safety Statement) contains a list of the essential services for your building which must be tested and certified by a component practitioner. An example of items is below;

A full list of these can be found on your Annual Fire Safety Statement page

 East Coast Fire & Safety technician are qualified to test all of these services and we can also issue the council with your Annual Fire Safety Statements of compliance.

Your current fire safety provider will be able to provide this to you. (Please note that this is your property and if you request it from your provider they must give it to you by law). If your site has not been previously tested, East Coast Fire & Safety will compile a full list of assets during the initial site visit.

To test emergency and exit lights the main power supply is turned off. The emergency and exit lights must remain illuminated for at least ninety (90) minutes, using only battery charge, for the lights to be compliant.

Fire extinguishers need to be tested by a competent practitioner every 6m and certified annually.

If your emergency lighting system hasn’t been correctly installed it may be mixed with general lighting or power. Our electricians will confirm this with you during the initial visit and if this is the case we can arrange before hour bookings. If this is the case, East Coast Fire & Safety electricians can provide a quote to correct the system.

This will depend on the type of electrical equipment. Please see the table below or contact East Coast Fire & Safety for advice.