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What is an Evacuation Diagram?

Having Evacuation Diagrams located throughout your building is one of the most important pieces of information that you can have for any guests, visitors or staff. The purpose of these diagrams is to provide the occupants with information on how to evacuate your building if an emergency, such as a fire, should happen.

Why Should a Business Have an Evacuation Diagram?

It is mandatory for all Australian workplaces and multiple residency buildings to have Emergency Evacuation Diagrams installed throughout the premises. The East Coast design team is a leading service provider of Emergency Evacuation Diagrams.

What Should be Included in an Evacuation Diagram?

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams should consist of a pictorial representation of the floor or the area of a building and other relevant emergency response information. These diagrams are to provide emergency and evacuation information for occupants and visitors and should contain information such as:

Where Should Evacuation Diagrams be Displayed?

The following are the key requirements for displaying evacuation diagrams:

Where an assembly area map is included, it should have the same orientation as the rest of the diagram.

How Often do Evacuation Diagrams Need to be Updated?

Evacuation Plans and Diagrams must be updated as soon as any changes are made to the layout of the building if any firefighting equipment and systems have changed. If there have been no changes to the specific layout or any equipment, then the emergency dia-grams should be reviewed and upgraded every five years. A validity date is a requirement on all evacuation diagrams and if this date has expired then the diagram needs to be re-newed.

Our design service can provide the following:

When we design your businesses Evacuation Diagram we provide the finished products in PDF format. We also offer a choice of printing and/or framing options and can include customised logos and formats for your business. Sprinkler and Hydrant block plans are also available.

What to Expect When Choosing East Coast Fire & Safety

At East Coast Fire & Safety we design and produce all customised diagrams that meet regularity requirements for your site. We ensure that these diagrams are accurate for your building, making sure that our designers work closely with your property team to produce the best product. We develop your site diagrams efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Contact East Coast Fire & Safety to design your businesses Evacuation Diagrams.

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