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East Coast Fire and Safety will personally work with your Emergency Planning Committee to design and develop a customised emergency response plan that is tailored to suit your premises and business. Emergency plans are set out like a list of instructions that outlines what employees and other occupants of the building should do in the case of emergency, including the proper course of action to quickly and efficiently evacuate the building.

This plan will contain site-specific information for the building, such as the full name, address and all relevant emergency numbers so that the occupants and visitors know how to respond to a fire or emergency and who best to contact if a situation should arise. The emergency procedure plan needs to be based from an assessment of any hazards that are identified within the specific workplace building and work activity, including any imaginable issues that may occur as a result of these hazards. The size and location of the workplace should also be taken into consideration including its proximity to any health and emergency services. Any potential hazards from neighbouring buildings should also be considered, for example, if there is a facility for storing chemicals based across the road from the building being assessed. All procedures for emergency evacuation and planning will fully comply with AS 3745-2010 Emergency Control Organisation and Procedures for buildings, structures, and workplaces.

Workers must be competently trained in the event of an emergency and should know what the emergency procedure plans entail, if not at least know where they are located for reference. The plan itself should include any arrangements and instructions for workers with relevant information.

Information covered in the Emergency Evacuation Plan

The details that are covered in all Emergency Evacuation plans that are designed for each individual building include;

Emergency procedure plans should remain current and effective, which means that they should be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are. Updates may be needed if there have been changes to the layout of the workplace, such as refurbishments, when new activities have been introduced to the area that could potentially bring along new hazards and after the plans have been tested. Adjustments should be made to the plans to ensure optimum efficiency when they are carried out.

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