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Having your staff trained to extinguish a fire during the early stages and properly assist in the evacuation of the building is an important asset to any business. Each of our courses caters between 1-8 people and, depending on the size of the class, will take between 20-40 minutes to fully complete.

Our training courses keep your staff up to date on all fire safety techniques, teaches the correct way to use fire extinguishing equipment such as hydrants and extinguishers, and teaches the efficient ways to raise alarms and evacuate the building in the case of an emergency.

It will also assist employers to be able to fully comply with the Australian Health and Safety codes and practices in the workplace.

Fire Awareness and Basic Fire Extinguisher Training:

What our course includes
Our fire safety course covers the following information for businesses:

Fire Warden Training

This course provides the skills that will be needed to ensure that staff are properly equipped and have the correct knowledge on how to be able to deal with any emergency that can occur in the workplace. Each course caters from 1-6 people, and depending on the class size, will take around 60 minutes to complete.

This fire warden training course will educate people on how to raise the alarm in an emergency and learn the difference between the types of alarms, such as the what is an Alert Tone and an Evacuation Tone. The course will also teach businesses how to efficiently evacuate your building and all the procedures that you will need in place for this.

We also advise businesses on the proper number of wardens that are needed to be trained at your site depending on the size of the facility. These courses teach the nominated wardens to carry out workplace assessments to determine any potential risks that there may be in the building. We will work with you and teach you how to limit these risks and teach you how to deal with them if an emergency were to happen.

Our course Includes:

There are a number of emergency situations which might require the evacuation of a building including, but not limited to:

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