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Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting systems are an important component in fire safety in the workplace as it is crucial in the assistance of guiding guests and staff to an emergency exit when evacuating the building. It is required by the National Construction Code of Australia that all commercial buildings must be fitted with an emergency evacuation and exit lighting system. These systems must be regularly tested, with the standard test being conducted at least every six (6) months. East Coast Fire and Safety offers regular testing and maintenance as well as the initial installation of emergency lighting systems.

A compliant system requires the following:

For an emergency lighting system to be deemed compliant to the Australian building and fire safety standards it must consist of a timed test facility and have an adequate amount of lights installed. There must be enough exit and emergency lights installed in the building to illuminate all possible exit routes when it comes to an evacuation scenario. Exit Lights must be installed on all doors that allow for direct exits from the story, showing all stair-ways, passageways or ramps to all levels of the building and out of the building. Emergency lighting systems must cover fire-isolated stairways, fire-isolated ramps and fire-isolated passages ways, every normal passageway, hallway and many more variables for each class of building.

How do you test exit and emergency lights?

It is by Australian Standard that all exit and emergency lights within a building should be tested every six (6) months. During the testing of emergency lights, the main power supply is turned off. The emergency and exit lights must remain illuminated for at least ninety (90) minutes, using only battery charge, for the lights to be compliant. Our qualified technicians will come to your building to test the lighting ensuring that everything is functioning up to Australian Standards. If there is any issue or fault found they will repair or replace the affected products. We can also upgrade systems to comply with the correct building standards if your building is not meeting them.

Frequently encountered faults include:

Some faults that are frequently encountered with Emergency Lighting Systems include, but not limited to:

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