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An important piece of equipment in fire safety and fire protection in the workplace is a fire hose reel. Generally located near the exits of the building, this fire protection solution should be positioned where it can service an entire floor of the building. This form of fire protection is only suitable to be used on Class A (wood, paper, and plastic) fires. The safe use of a Fire Hose Reel is covered as a part of our Fire Safety and Awareness course.

Fire hose reels are designed to deliver a minimum of at least 0.33L of water per second when activated. This provides a high and consistent level of extinguishing the fire that was ignited on the site. This is a better method of extinguishing larger fires that occur in the workplace as the high pressure and volume of water are more suited for bigger fire emergencies. For this to be able to extinguish fires effectively a control nozzle must be attached to the mains water supply. This allows for the reel to have a continuous amount of water supplied to it. Instructions on how to operate the fire hose reel should be located within at least two (2) meters of the equipment.

To ensure that the fire hose reels are kept to operating standards, they must be tested every six months. East Coast Fire and Safety have skilled technicians that will test and perform any maintenance that may be required to make sure that there are no faults that will inhibit the reel to perform during an emergency. These tests include checking the proper signage is in place, making sure that the nozzle interlocks, that the reel swings uninhibited, and that it is able to unwind and properly access the entire floor.

Frequently encountered faults

East Coast Fire and Safety are always available to assist with any faults and issues that can happen with fire safety equipment. Faults that can be experienced with fire hose reels can include but are not limited to the following:

Contact East Coast Fire and Safety to discuss with one of our fire safety consultants on how a fire hose reel can be installed and maintained as a fire protection solution for your buildings protection.

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