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Are you a strata property owner or manager? Have you been keeping up with your compliance requirements, or having difficulty with your current fire safety provider?

East Coast Fire & Safety can help you ensure that your buildings are properly maintained to the required standards with a service package tailored to your building. We’re locally based in Wollongong, servicing the city and its surrounding areas, and can provide both the expertise and equipment required to keep your premises and tenants safe.

Fire Protection for Your Strata Property

We offer safety packages to ensure you’re compliant to standards and that your tenants are as safe as they can be.

Our residential packages are focused on servicing and inspection of the relevant equipment, such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire alarms, fire doors, fire hydrants and fire sprinklers.

Remembering that every year building owners are required to provide their Council with an Annual Fire Safety Statement, which certifies that all your building’s safety measures have been tested by a certified fire safety practitioner and will perform as they were designed. Our technicians are fully qualified for these inspections and an Annual Fire Safety Statement will be issued once all systems are tested and any required repairs complete. 

Why is Strata/Property Management Important?

Property owners and managers are required to conform to AS 1851 and other design standards on their fire safety schedule. This schedule calls for routine servicing of fire protection systems and equipment, to help ensure such systems and equipment are kept in proper working order. This includes inspection, testing, preventative maintenance, and survey activities. Non-compliance with the annual statement can result in fines and in some cases fire prosecution.

Hopefully, this equipment will never need to be used, but when there’s a need for it they have to be operable and effective. Further, the presence of well-maintained fire safety equipment provides peace of mind to tenants. People after all like to know that they’re safe in their own homes.

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Why Use East Coast Fire & Safety as your Fire Safety consultants?

As a local company, based in Wollongong, we combine reliable and honest service with a great deal of local knowledge. We provide the full range of fire protection, whether it’s installation and maintenance of equipment, or developing emergency evacuation plans and diagrams, or management of both wet and dry fire safety projects.

We continue to service a wide range of clients, and you can trust that you’re safe with us.

Is your property compliant with AS 1851 or do you have an Annual Fire Safety Statement due? If you’re uncertain or you’d like to make sure, please contact us for a complimentary, obligation free quote.

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