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Thermography testing, or thermal imaging, is used as a fire safety diagnostic method of detecting abnormal temperature fluctuations in a buildings electrical installations. For example, these tests monitor distribution boards and the electronic controls of large machinery. As anything with a temperature about absolute zero produces infrared radiation, thermography gives the ability to see the environment with or without proper illumination in the area. The radiation released from an object increases as the temperature does, giving the ability of the monitor to record any variations that occur. Higher temperatures are recorded as reds and pinks, the medium range to be considered blues and the cooler temperatures are blacks. Early detection and corrective action of using thermal imaging will save any downtime costs and avoid possible hardships.

Cameras with an inner-red technology are used to monitor temperature variations and “hot-spots” that may be caused by circuit overloads and any possible loose wiring connections. The internal temperature of some electrical equipment can be raised to the point of spontaneous ignition. The fire that results from this overheating and its excessive heat could cause major damage to the stock that is stored around it. This thermal imaging technology is used in the detection of major issues before the possibility of an electrical fire igniting or any potential equipment damage occurs.

Testing on electrical equipment and systems should be conducted annually. These tests will assist in the prevention of unscheduled electrical breakdown, damage to the electrical system and possibly to the surrounding structure/s. East Coast Fire and Safety can handle the inspection of this equipment and any maintenance that may be required if there is a fault recorded to ensure it meets Australian Standards.

Frequently encountered faults:

Faults that could potentially occur with thermal imaging technology include, but is not limited to:

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