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How To Improve Fire Safety In Your Strata Building

Fires can be devastating, taking hold of properties, belongings and in some cases, lives within a matter of an instant.

Those critical moments before and during a fire can make all the difference, with fire safety being the most important factor in saving lives and preventing fires from occurring in the first place.

In a strata building, the effects of a fire can devastate more than just one family – a fire can easily spread to adjoining units, flats or common areas in a short timeframe.

However, there are some simple fire safety tips that all strata complexes can follow to ensure their building is prepared for and actively preventing a fire from starting.

Implement a Fire Safety Plan

As the saying goes, fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

During an emergency, such as a fire, moments matter. When the fire alarm sounds, people get caught up in the emergency, they may go into shock and hesitate, or make the wrong decisions in a panic.

The choices made my tenants in these moments can be the difference between getting out safely and being caught in the fire.

A fire safety plan is designed to prevent, prepare and mitigate risks for building occupants for an emergency, clearly outlining the responsibilities and actions of any staff or tenants of the building.

By familiarising all tenants and staff with the building fire safety plan, which includes prevention and evacuation procedures, tenants and staff are more likely to act quickly, calmly and safely in the event of a fire.

East Coast Fire & Safety can develop an emergency procedure plan for your strata building, which takes into account potential hazards, evacuation procedures and other important information to prepare tenants and staff for an emergency

Regular Maintenance and Good Housekeeping

Keeping up with regular maintenance checks and inspections of a strata building is not just worthwhile from a cleanliness point of view – it is also an integral step in keeping your building safe.

Regular maintenance should be carried out on strata buildings to ensure fire stairs and escape routes are clear, smoke alarms are working effectively and that any defects in fire safety equipment are promptly dealt with.

A regular inspection may also discover fire hazards, such as incorrectly stored combustible materials, which can become problematic.

How is Good Housekeeping Related to Fire Safety?

Strata buildings are made up of all sorts of tenants, from those who keep their homes exceptionally tidy, to those who unknowingly create fire safety hazards through poor maintenance of electrical power boards

Raising awareness of fire hazards is all part of fire safety, as some tenants may not realise the adverse effects of their small actions. Tenants should be informed of the potential dangers of items such as power boards, phone chargers, heaters and flammable substances in their home, and educated on how to correctly use, clean or store these items to reduce fire hazards.

Use a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner When Submitting an Annual Fire Safety Statement

Building owners must carry out an Annual Fire Safety Statement assessment on their building to submit to their local council. This statement certifies that all safety measures in the building are performing to Australian Standards.

To obtain a certified Annual Fire Safety Statement, building owners must have the assessment conducted by a competent fire safety practitioner.

East Coast Fire & Safety can undertake the assessment to issue you your building’s Annual Fire Safety Statement, with qualified technicians inspecting fire safety measures such as emergency lighting, fire detection systems, firefighting equipment, Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) and more.

Choose East Coast Fire & Safety for Your Fire Safety

As a strata building owner or occupier, you should educate yourself about fire safety in your building – it could save your life, your neighbour’s life and the life of your family.

For all your fire safety needs across New South Wales, East Coast Fire & Safety should be your top choice.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, with a large range of fire safety and protection solutions designed to keep families, building owners and businesses safe, East Coast Fire & Safety take pride in every high quality service, installation or maintenance check we undertake.

Contact East Coast Fire & Safety today to implement fire safety strategies in your strata building.